kungfuren Back Straightener, Posture Corrector for Men and Women, Back Trainer for Lumbar Support, Back Strap Shoulder, Back Pain Relief

Model:Back Straightener


Goods gross weight:222g

Shelf time:2023-07-01

Product description:
【COMFORTABLE TO WEAR】Upgraded back brace posture corrector has 2 movable super soft pads. You can tuck the shoulder pads under your armpits so you no longer have to worry about the back support strap getting caught in your armpits and hurting your skin when you wear it.......

●【IMPROVE POSTURE】Posture correctors for men and women are designed according to the latest scientific research results and use high-quality back support belt for women and men, providing strong support of stability to improve bad posture and achieve clearly more upright posture of back and shoulders in a short time.

●【PREMIUM QUALITY FABRIC】Our back stretcher is made of high quality and breathable neoprene, particularly light and soft. It offers the perfect balance of just enough stretch for a high level of comfort. You can keep cool while improving your posture.

●【EASY TO USE & ADJUST】this back brace for lower back pain women is worn like a backpack, easy to put on and you don't need extra assistance to wear and remove the back posture brace. The size of the back support is freely adjustable, suitable for waist 34”-43”(86-110cm). You could easily adjust according to your body type and needs.

●【IMPROVE YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE】This back brace for men lower back is suitable for people with a slight hunchback, people with bowed heads, people who work at the desk for a long time. It provides you with the best back support. People who sit up straight have great posture, more relaxed, let the wandering mind calm down, let you experience the feeling of calm and tranquility. In addition, while gradually developing good posture habits,posture brace can also improve self-confidence.


Our back posture corrector is designed to solve the problem of muscle imbalance when you are in an unhealthy, fixed posture for a long time. The back brace posture corrector helps stretch and activate the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and back. Say goodbye to back pain and welcome a happy, painless life!


Posture Corrector

StrapBreathableMetal Strip

Underarm Adjustment Strap

Our back brace adopts a new structure, with a new underarm adjustment strap, which can be adjusted according to your comfort. You no longer have to worry about the back support digging into your armpit and hurting your skin

Breathable Material

The Posture Corrector is made with breathable, strong, washable, and high-quality materials, which will keep your back away from getting heated and sweaty when wearing. Fully adjustable and breathable, which means you will stay cool while improving your posture.

Metal Strip

The metal strip of our Back Straightener can provide strong support of stability to improve poor posture and achieve a clearer upright posture of the back and shoulders in a short time.