Alcohol Breathalyzer Tester Digital Breathalyser - Breath Testers with 11Pcs Mouthpieces for Home Personal Testing - High Accuracy Breathalysers with Digital LCD Screen



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Product description:
Quick And Precise: The UK Alcohol Tester for Home Alcohol Tests uses professional semiconductor sensor technology to quickly measure the alcohol content in the body. It provides more accurate results with fewer measurement errors. Especially suitable after gatherings where alcohol is consumed, the Breathalyzer quickly provides results to assess if you are fit to drive car. Professional-Grade Accuracy Breathalyzer for private use at home, as a gift for men, fathers, and friends.

  • ●Easy To Use: The Portable alcohol detector is simple to use. Just blow for 4-5 seconds, then wait patiently for 3 seconds, and your BAC will be displayed on the bright color LCD screen. Equipped with intelligent detection, Breath alcohol tester displays different colors and warning results based on the alcohol content, providing a more intuitive observation of the data for safer travel.

  • ●Measurement Range: The measurement range of the Professional breathalyzer for alcohol ranges from 0.000 to 1.900% BAC. Even with increased alcohol consumption, once the alcohol test result reaches its maximum value (1.900% BAC), it continues to display 1.900% BAC. In test result mode, there are 6 selectable measurement sizes, and by holding the M button, you can change the units (% BAC, ‰ BAC, g/l, mg/L, g/L, mg/100ml, ‰prom).

  • ●Compact And Portable: This mini professional breathalyzer tester takes up minimal space and fits easily into handbags or pockets for convenient carrying. It comes with a storage bag that is perfect for the breath alcohol test and the mouthpieces. alcohol breathalyzer tester with battery level indicator and intelligent detection, the Portable Breathalyzer for Alcohol automatically shuts off after 10 seconds of inactivity following the test, effectively saving energy.

  • ●Versatile Use: Police-accurate alcohol measuring devices with 11 reusable mouthpiece, suitable for various occasions such as individual use, family gatherings, parties, and social events. Note: Wait 20 minutes after drink before using the Portable Alcohol Tester. Perform 3 consecutive tests and take the average to ensure accuracy.

  alcohol tester

Why choose the Improved kungfuren Professional-Grade Accuracy Breathalyzer with LCD Digital Display?

Our Professional BAC Tester with semiconductor sensor technology and Digital LCD Screen is user-friendly, reliable in performance, and provides accurate results, offering precise measurements along with 11 replacement mouthpieces for you, your family, or friends.

  alcohol tester

 alcohol tester

 alcohol tester

alcohol testeralcohol testeralcohol testeralcohol tester

Professional alcohol testers with Blu-Ray LCD screen and semiconductor sensor technology

Professional Accurate Portable Breathalyzer with Digital Blue LCD Display is easy to read and provides clearer BAC test results, even in poor lighting conditions, for Personal and Professional use, Fast semiconductor measurement

Police-accurate electronic breathalyzer with 11 mouthpieces

Breathalyzer equipped with 11 interchangeable and washable mouthpieces, making your tests easier and meeting the requirements of family gatherings.

breathalyzers for alcohol with police accuracy quick test, Convenient portability

The Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester for Home or Party Use takes up little space and comes with a carrying case, making it easy to carry in your handbag or pocket, ensuring your peace of mind and guaranteeing your driving safety.

Alcohol testing devices product list Kits

breathalyzer Alcohol Tester 

11 mouthpieces 

Carrying caseUser manual

Alcoholimetro Instructions for use
alcohol testeralcohol testeralcohol testeralcohol tester

Step 1

Prepare 3 AAA batteries in advance and insert them into the back of the breathalyzers (not included).

Step 2

Press the battery button to enter the alcohol test mode. Wait 15 seconds for warm-up. Note: Do not blow air during this time.

Step 3

After the 15-second countdown, the "BLOW" symbol appears and counts down from 10 to 00, indicating that the tester has entered the test mode. At this point, please take a deep breath and blow evenly for 4-5 seconds (not loudly or intermittently) until the results are displayed.

Step 4

Read the test result from the LCD of the professional alcohol tester.

  alcohol tester


Before use, please follow the operating steps in the manual and install the mouthpiece.

Avoid testing immediately after drinking. For accurate measurement results, it is recommended to wait 20 minutes after drinking before performing the test, and rinse your mouth with water before use.

The product has a 15-second countdown when turned on. During this time, please do not blow air as this is the instrument's self-clean preparation time.

After the 15-second preparation, a 10-second countdown is displayed. At this point, blow evenly and continuously for 4-5 seconds, without blowing too hard or too weak, and repeat this process 3 times, then take the average of the results.